Weekend Getaway – Portland, Maine

After a much needed break, my boyfriend and I took a trip up to Maine for the first time! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on a nice road trip and we figured this was the perfect time of year to get away. My boyfriend had heard so many great things about Portland – from the food to the coffee to the breweries, he knew we were bound to have an amazing time! I wish I had known about this place before this trip because it’s truly such a great summer travel spot – and it’s just a short three hour drive from the New London Connecticut Ferry (which I still cannot believe!)

 So my next favorite weekend getaway – Portland, Maine!

 Before checking into our AIRBNB, we headed over to the lobster shack and checked out the lighthouse at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. Even though the weather was a bit dreary and cloudy, this was one of my favorite moments of the entire trip. We made our way to a food truck called, Bite Into Maine – and I can’t express to you how absolutely DELICIOUS this lobster roll was. We drove down over to the lighthouse just in time to snap this shot before absolutely devouring our first taste of Maine lobster.

Once we were checked in to our AIRBNB, we walked to the downtown area to bar hop and check out some breweries. We stopped at Rising Tide Brewing Company and did a beer tasting – which was a great way to start off the evening. We then headed on over to dinner at Eventide Oyster Co. – now this place was absolutely delicious. We were informed that there is almost always a wait here for dinner, so we put our name down and grabbed a drink at the bar next door. By the time we were done with our first drink, our table was just about ready. The oysters at Eventide were so fresh – if you’re an oyster lover like me and Alex, this place is a must go!

 On our first full day, we started the morning off by grabbing coffee and breakfast at Tandem Coffee. Now if you’re a coffee lover/addict like I am, you will fall in love with this place. Their coffee is PERFECTLY brewed – I honestly don’t think I’ve ever tasted coffee so fresh in my whole life! We also ordered the egg and cheese on a biscuit – which to our surprise was BOMB – (we had to go back before we left to get another one for the road LOL)

Our first stop was Freeport to check out the L.L. Bean HQ. I didn’t realize how massive their stores actually were until we got there – we spent at least two hours walking through all of their stores. I feel like this is something you have to do when you’re in Maine – we even picked up a pair of bean boots for ourselves!

After this, we headed on over to Bradbury Mountain State Park to get a late morning hike in. One thing I absolutely loved about this state is that you get the best of both worlds. You can be by the ocean one second and then be climbing a mountain the next! We hiked for about an hour and believe me, it was worth it – the view we got to see was absolutely stunning. I think we both could’ve stayed up there all day and just stared out at the view.

It’s safe to say we worked up a big appetite after that hike. We changed and headed back into the car to get another taste of that Maine lobster at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights. The location of this shack was unreal – it was right by the coast where the waves were crashing up against it. I also loved the authenticity this place had. It looked like it had all of the original decor from when they first opened – I have to say there’s something really special about places that hold that true originality. This place opened up in the 1920’s and has been a local landmark ever since, which is one of the reasons we knew we had to try it out – and believe me it does not disappoint! I wish I could teleport back to this moment just so I can have one more bite *insert crying emoji here*

After stuffing our faces, we headed back to Portland and get ready to check out a few breweries. We headed over to Allagash Brewery and Shipyard Brewing Company for a few tastings. One thing I love about breweries is having the option to taste all the different kinds of beers – I’m not a huge beer drinker, so for me this is a really great opportunity to expand my beer horizon! I absolutely loved Shipyard Breweries Watermelon Ale – it’s the perfect beer for this time of the year.

 Once we finished our final tasting, we headed over to SLAB pizza for a dinner I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Now if you’re from New York like I am, you know for a fact that you won’t find pizza that’s as delicious and fresh as it is here. HOWEVER, I think Slab is the only place outside of New York that I can honestly say has the most amazing pizza I’ve ever tasted. If you’re ever in Portland, I highly recommend this spot for dinner!

We spent our final morning walking around the Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. This place had the best views of the light house and of the ocean. There’s a trail that leads you from one end of the cliff walk to the light house, and let me tell you, the photos I got were truly picture perfect.

I have to say I was really surprised at how much I loved visiting Portland. It’s charm, food, and landscape views truly made this city one of the best kept secrets that New England has to offer during the summertime. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for my next weekend getaway!