DIY: How To Make a Bow

Over the last month or so I’ve been practicing to find the best way to make your own holiday bow for your gifts this year. This DIY is super easy and is the perfect way to top your holiday gifts, wreaths, Christmas trees, or just to add a little charm to your home.

  1. First we start with one end of the ribbon, leave some of the ribbon hanging down (that will eventually turn into the first tail of your bow)gift-wrap1
  2. Wrap the ribbon around your thumb to get started. Make a second loop and then pinch to loop tightly in your hand. Do the same for the other side and make sure it’s the same
  3.  Then take a safety pin and pin through the first loops that you made. The size of the bow you’re making will depend on the size your safety pin should be since it’s holding the loops together. This will secure the
  4. Go on to make the third and fourth loops of your bow – make sure that these loops are a bit larger than the first two. After these loops have been made, push them onto the safety
  5.  Continue to make loops until you’re satisfied with the size of your bow – make sure to make every two loops a bit larger than the one before.
  6. Put the safety pin through the loops that you’ve made and make sure that you have the same number of loops on each side of the
  7.  When you’ve reached the size that you want your bow to be, close the safety pin at the bottom of the bow.Gift wrap 8.jpg
  8.  Next, adjust your loops and fluff them so you have a nicely shaped bow. Cut the tails of the bow to the length that you want them. (Most people just do a slanted cut across the end of the ribbon)gift-wrap-9
  9. You’re finished your first bow!


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