Treats: Chocolate Dipped Clementines

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s nothing I love more than a quick and easy dessert treat. I’ll always love the taste of the classic apple pie after thanksgiving dinner, but lately I’ve been trying to stay on the healthy side when it comes to desserts (probably because I have such a large sweet tooth!)

These chocolate dipped clementines are so delicious and simple to make, they’re the perfect treat to have at the end of any holiday dinner or during those mid day sweet cravings.



  • 4-6 Clementines
  • Dark Chocolate or Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • Sea Salt


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
  2. Peel and separate the clementines – put them onto the baking sheet
  3. In a small bowl, microwave the chocolate chips so they’re melted
  4. Dip each clementine segment into the chocolate and transfer them flat onto the parchment paper
  5. Pinch a little bit of sea salt onto each clementine before the chocolate sets
  6. Once you’ve dipped all the clementine pieces, set them into the fridge until they harden
  7. They’ll stay fresh for at least three days in the fridge, so enjoy!