Sweets: Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Is it just me, or does everyone come across that point in the day when they crave something sweet (especially at this time of the year!) Vermont Nut Free is a company I just recently found out about from my co-worker. She has a very serious peanut allergy, so we’re always cautious with what kind of food we bring in throughout the week. Now that the holidays are approaching, my office wanted to make sure we were able to celebrate with some tasty treats, but also making sure we can all eat some safely without worry. img_6148

Many chocolate companies manufacture products that contain nuts which can then make their other products unsafe for people with nut allergies.Vermont Nut Free guarantees quality chocolates and other sweets for those who suffer with peanut or tree nut allergies.


I tried their sweets for the first time this past week and believe me they don’t disappoint! I had a chance to try their sour gummy bears, pretzel caramel bark and chocolate truffles. All three are all insanely delicious but I have to say I think that the pretzel caramel bark is my new favorite thing! If you know someone who suffers from a peanut or tree nut allergy, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates is the perfect tasty treat to give someone (especially during the time of year when everyone is indulging a little bit more than usual!) img_6167

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