Hidden Gems: Jericho Cider Mill

One thing I always look forward to in the fall is making a pit stop at the Jericho Cider Mill on my way to visit my grandma. This place has been around ever since I can remember, and believe me it does not disappoint! This cider mill goes back all the way to early 1800’s and has been a must go pit stop for anyone passing by. It’s a short drive north of 106 on Jericho Oyster Bay Road. It comes up quickly, but you can’t miss it with all of the cars parked all the way down the road. Their fresh cider is insanely delicious, and you can get it hot or in a slushie (and come on who doesn’t love a good cider slushie!)img_5820

They even have fresh apples that you can pick up and bring home! I’ve been eating them all week and trust me, you won’t find them this fresh at the grocery store.


How can a girl pass up a few gorgeous sunflowers?!


They also have pumpkins that you can bring home to decorate your home with.Give me all the white pumpkins you’ve got pretty please!


Nothing beats their cider though, and if you get a chance to stop by I’d definitely recommend grabbing it!

Have you ever been to Jericho Cider Mill? Let me know in the comments below