Hidden Gems: Croteaux Vineyard

There’s one thing I love to do every once in a while on the weekends, and that’s taking a trip to the wineries. Even though the weather is slowly starting to change, it’s still the perfect time of year to make a trip out with some friends! Especially after a long work week, there’s nothing I love more than relaxing outdoors with a delicious glass of wine. One of my favorite wineries is Croteaux Vineyard. Croteaux is the only Vineyard in the United States dedicated exclusively to making delicious Rosé wines (hence why it’s one of my favorites)img_5408Not only is the rosé delish, but the outdoor tasting room is super inviting! (and a great opportunity for some adorable photos!)img_5684img_5685

Empty bottles of rosé tied up for a super cute outdoor display!


Don’t you just love hidden gems like this one?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!