Warm red hues & suede, oh my!

Now that we can OFFICIALLY say that it’s fall, there’s nothing I love more than purchasing my first pumpkin spiced latte, burning an apple and pumpkin scented candle and of course buying a few new statement pieces for my wardrobe. I don’t know about you but I love being able to give away old clothes that I know I’ll never wear again and making room for some items I’ll be wearing all season long. One line I was extremely excited[Read more]

Hidden Gems: Croteaux Vineyard

There’s one thing I love to do every once in a while on the weekends, and that’s taking a trip to the wineries. Even though the weather is slowly starting to change, it’s still the perfect time of year to make a trip out with some friends! Especially after a long work week, there’s nothing I love more than relaxing outdoors with a delicious glass of wine. One of my favorite wineries is Croteaux Vineyard. Croteaux is the only Vineyard[Read more]

Weekend Getaways: Montauk

There’s nothing I enjoy more in the summer than making the annual trip out to Montauk for the day. It’s about an hour and a half away from where I live, but when you add in all the crazy traffic it could be a lot longer. This time around we ended up taking the LIRR, which I definitely suggest anyone do if you hate sitting in traffic as much as I do! It’s a quick hour and a half ride[Read more]