A Pop of Coral & A Hint of Floral

I’m so insanely excited that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up here in New York. This means that I can finally break out a few of my favorite spring pieces. There’s nothing I love more than starting a new fashion season with some updates to my everyday look. This coral crossbody from Coach is the perfect bag for the spring/summer. It has just the right amount of coral to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. It[Read more]

Style Guide: 5 Spring Must Have Tops

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been keeping a sharp eye on some trends I have a funny feeling will be making an appearance this upcoming spring season. I’m not always the kind of person who can pull off all of the latest trends and fads but I will say I’m pretty excited for what’s coming up in fashion! – PS to follow some of my favorite trends and fashion inspiration make sure to follow me on Pinterest (It’s really[Read more]

Leopard and Neutrals

Winter is officially in full swing here in New York, and for me that means scarves, boots and sweaters on repeat every single day. Lucky for us, we’ve had a few days throughout the last few weeks that have actually been a bit warmer than usual! I still can’t believe I was  able to step outside without putting a jacket on (seriously this is a pretty big deal if you live in the Northeast during the winter!) This look is[Read more]