Holiday Must Have – Blush Faux Fur Jacket

So finally I’m back! Sorry for being M.I.A over the last few weeks – I’ve been going through a bunch of transitions in my personal life but I’m happy to be back writing on the blog 🙂 I’ve been constantly looking for the perfect faux fur jacket over the last month for the holiday season and I’ve found the one! This faux fur jacket from Topshop is any girly girls dream jacket. I’ve been debating on which color I wanted to go with and I just feel like blush is my new go to color. Honestly you can’t have more of a fashion statement than with this piece.

My favorite thing about this jackets color is that it’s not pinky pink – this blush pink color has a really nice unsaturated undertone to it. It looks perfect with neutral winter tones and to be honest there’s nothing I love more than a pretty blush pink staple for your winter wardrobe.

This faux fur jacket is so soft and cozy, I seriously can’t get enough of it! I love being able to find a coat that you can really dress up or dress down. I wore it the other day to work with black jeans, a black top and booties and I’m dressing it up this upcoming weekend for a wedding I’m going to.

If this is isn’t on your must have list this holiday season – I think it should be! Click here to purchase now!